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Come and discover the C-119 in a new set-up in the Military Museum’s Great Hall!

The Royal Military Museum Great Hall welcomed this military transport aircraft F-119 G in 1978. It was restored by non-profit association AELR volunteers.

One cannot miss it; its sheer bulk makes sure of that: a wingspan of 33 meters, a length of 26 meters and a height of 8 meters for a tare weight of 18 tonnes!

Our Armed Forces used it from 1952 to 1973 and deployed it for countless missions, both humanitarian (the Netherlands, Morocco, India, the Middle East,…) and military (mainly in the Congo). However, it was essentially used for dropping paratroopers: more than 250,000 servicemen performed one or more jumps from this plane.

Come and discover this C-130 forerunner in a new set-up in the Military Museum’s Great Hall as of Wednesday 20 May 2020.

Good to know: its first intercontinental round trip to the Belgian base of Kamina in the Congo took … 8 days. Today, the job is done in a mere 8 hours!